June 2017 – Remove Exe Errors
  Keeping a PC completely safe and efficient is now become really a hard task in the world of cyber crime spaces. Making a single mistake while conducting online acts or some unwanted interaction may cause you to face really serious problems. This blog is devoted to assist those victims to take care of their system related aspects and even protect the machine if get infected in unfortunate case.

Month: June 2017

Adobe Patches Nine Security Flaws in Flash Player

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Adobe released patches for products such as Flash Player, Shockwave Player, Digital Edition, and Captivate in its security bulletins announced today. The four security bulletins are released to fix 20 security flaws mostly related to Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player. The security bulletins released for Adobe Player were given the first priority and it is strongly recommended to update it as soon as possible. The four security update was named as follow APSB17-17, APSB17-18, APSB17-19 and APSB17-20 respectively. (more…)

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